A great way to help build corporate spirit, teamwork and cooperation can be accomplished with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Traverse City. An organized company or group can raise money for a good cause and also raise its standing in the community. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved, which is why corporate fundraising is so popular.

Groups, Corporations and Clubs volunteering as teams at St Vincent de Paul, Traverse City, MI

Get your team together!

A few ideas:

Start a corporate wide food drive. See which team can fill their truck first – Sales Team or Accounting/Finance, Engineering or Manufacturing? You get the idea…right?

Corporations have utilized traditional fundraisers while others have come up with some goofy ideas that generate a lot of buzz… and money! Something as simple as a donation jar all the way up to something as large as a charity auction and ball.

Corporate Fundraising as Team Building

A successful corporate fundraising initiative can also be a great team building activity. Turn traditional team building tasks like survival camping, spy school or obstacle assault courses into fundraising events.

It’s easy to do. First, plan your team building event, giving thought to ways you can monetize it for charity. You might turn it into a sponsored event and ask for donations from clients, customers and employees’ families in exchange for pledges: for example, pledged donations for the amount of time an employee “survives” a boot camp training, or the number of times they can complete a rope climb. This raises money for charity and also provides motivation for your team building.

In addition, consider holding a awards ceremony after the team building event. Again, this can be monetized to fit your fundraising goals:

• Sell tickets to an awards dinner
• Sell charity raffle tickets
• Hold a silent auction
• Invite celebrities to your event

Each of these team building/fundraising ideas will raise awareness and money for your cause and also raise your company’s profile.

Corporate “Adopt a Charity” Programs

Giving back to the community by supporting a charity is one of the most humanizing things a corporation can do.

Use your corporate connections to run a variety of smaller fundraising events throughout the year (here’s a list to get you started), all for the benefit of your chosen charity. Corporations often do this for the networking possibilities, tax benefits and – of course – for goodwill.

Also, by supporting one charity this year, your staff will have a chance to really get excited for the cause and the fundraising events planned.

No matter how your corporation fundraises – whether by launching a year-long charity campaign or holding a spectacular one-night-only fundraising event – everyone involved will benefit, including your company.

The number of ways to help us help others is endless.

Please contact St Vincent de Paul Volunteer Coordinator about any ideas you might have for an event.

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