Feast Day – Blessed Rosalie Rendu

Feast Day – Blessed Rosalie Rendu

When:  Each Feb 7th

Description:  www.svdptc.org/about/feast-days/

Blessed Rosalie Rendu was born at Confort, France on September 9, 1786. She entered the Daughters of Charity on May 25, 1802, just after the Community was reestablished in France following the French Revolution. Her zeal for the poor drove her to establish the means to educate poor children, to care for infants, to support the elderly unable to care for themselves, and to supervise young working girls. One of her disciples in her mission of service was Frederic Ozanam, founder of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. After fifty years of dedicated service to the poor in the Mouffetard district in Paris, she died on February 7, 1856. Pope John Paul II beatified Sr. Rosalie in 2003.

St. Vincent de Paul Remodel – New Signs

A new sign at St Vincent de Paul in Traverse City, MIA new sign at St Vincent de Paul in Traverse City, MIThank you again to the team at Britten Banners in Traverse City for the updated signs at St. Vincent de Paul Traverse City, MI.

The signs are simple and well designed to let travelers along Woodmere Ave know that a St. Vincent de Paul serves Northwest Michigan in the tradition of our patron, Saint Vincent de Paul.

As always…your time, talent and treasure are always welcome.

Trusting God

Check out this inspiring video on Trusting God. This wonderful video on Trusting God may inspire you to let go of worry and greatly improve your life!

This Trusting God video is based on excerpt from the book –You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros.

Precious Moments

Thank you to the students and staff at St. Mary’s Hannah school in Kingsley, MI. They generously donated to St. Vincent de Paul. The letter below accompanied their donation. Bless you kids !!!

In his Circular Letter of December 12, 1915, Vicomte Hendecourt, President-General writes:

“The Society has two aims: to do a great deal of spiritual good to its members through the exercise of charity, and to do a little spiritual and temporal good to a few poor families in the name of Jesus Christ. If it did not continually seek to combine these two aims, it would lose its raison d’etre (reason or justification for existence). If it were to seek only the holiness of its members through pious exercises, there is no lack of Confraternities and Third Orders to meet that need. If on the other hand, it were to seek only the relief of the temporal miseries of the poor, it would only add one more to the list of public and private institutions founded for that purpose.”

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