Teach a Man to Fish Project

By completing some simple paperwork and having a one-on-one conversation, individuals and families can apply to the program and become eligible for assistance determined on a case-by-case situation.  The Society of St. Vincent de Paul does not exist to simply help make poverty more tolerable.  We are here to impact and improve lives.

The “Teach a Man to Fish Project” is a multi-week program with the goal of helping families make permanent changes toward self-empowerment.

With a few immediate needs taken care of like food and clothing, we are hopeful that participants will be able to lift their heads, mentally and physically, and begin to walk on more stable ground.  This stability will help enable participants to think beyond the immediate emergency of the day and help them design lives for themselves and their children that are more fulfilling, less stressful and more enjoyable.  Program participants will begin to make different decisions, leading to different results for them and their families.  As Albert Einstein is attributed as saying,

The Definition of Insanity

Doing the same things over and over and over again, and expecting different results.

Participants will be exposed to ideas and information that they may never have been exposed to.  It might be uncomfortable for some.  That’s OK.  Riding a roller coaster can be uncomfortable too, but it sure can be exciting and a lot of fun too.  Life was not meant to be a miserable existence.  God does not want that for his children.  Participants will grow as they become involved in foundational activities:

  • Goal Setting
  • Understanding Needs v. Wants
  • Basic & Advanced Budgeting Skills
  • Education & Career Planning
  • Personal Development & Control

This program is not for everyone and we will not be able to help everyone.  But we sure will try our hardest to help those that genuinely want to help themselves.  With some assistance and a nudge here and there, life will improve for many.

If you want something different for you or your family.  Download the Teach a Man to Fish Project application and make an appointment to drop it off and discuss your situation with an SVDP Team Member.  Please call or email with any questions.