Sponsored Events

Sponsored events are some of the most popular charity fundraising ideas.

From round-the-world treks to a day of famine, sponsored events offer donors the opportunity to pick a donation level that suits their budget, whilst also raising a lot of money for the participant’s charity or cause.

Ways to Organize a Sponsored Event

A sponsored event can be simple or complex. Every day, hundreds of people raise money for worthy causes by doing everyday things; others take once-in-a-lifetime journeys to raise awareness and funds. The choice is up to you.

First, decide on a sponsored event that suits your interests, time and budget. Logistics are important here; you may want to go on a massive trek to Mount Everest, but who will look after your kids? It’s important to sort these details in the planning stages so you don’t find yourself canceling or postponing the sponsored event at the last minute.

Then, allow yourself plenty of time to plan, train (if necessary) and get ready for your sponsored event. Again, this will vary based on the difficulty of the sponsored event you choose to undertake, but it is always a good idea to leave more time than you think you need. Not only does this give you a cushion should problems arise, but it also gives you more time to fundraise!

Sponsored Event Ideas

Here are some popular ideas for sponsored events:

• Extreme sports – skydive, rapelling, BASE jump, bungee jump
• Crazy ideas – haircut/dye, baked bean bath, custard boots
• Activities – Travel abroad, bike, run, swim
• Give something up – Sponsored famine; or give up smoking, chocolate, TV or texting

Get creative and make sure you have fun.

Ways to Publicize a Sponsored Event

A great way to find donors outside of your immediate family, co-workers and friends is to get publicity for your sponsored event.

Well ahead of the event, contact local media (television, newspaper, radio and websites) and tell them what you’re doing. Ask them to publish an article about what you’re doing; you can even ask them to sponsor you directly. Local and free papers in particular are always looking for human interest stories like this, but it won’t hurt to drop an email too.

While media coverage of your sponsored event is fantastic, getting publicity before you embark is even more important, because this raises money for your cause. Publicize early and often!

You can also create flyers, a website, and use social media sites like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to get attention for your sponsored event.

Ways to Stand Out When Doing a Sponsored Event for Charity

People love to hear about the crazy, daring things others are doing to raise money for charity…so take advantage of this!

The press and the public are more likely to take an interest in your sponsored event if it is new or interesting. Even a somewhat popular sponsored activity like BASE jumping can become more interesting if you do it in costume, blindfolded, or from the top of your city’s tallest building. Get creative with the “unique selling point” of your sponsored event.

Ways to Collect Sponsored Event Donations

There are lots of resources available for sponsored event collections. Don’t overlook cash collections. Both early on and during the event itself, you can make quite a lot of money by soliciting donations in person. In particular, if you are doing an event like an rapelling, ask a trusted friend to be on the ground, in the crowd, collecting donations.

Finally, you can do a lot of internet fundraising and telephone fundraising from the comfort of your own home or office.

Final Words about Charity Sponsored Events

The most important thing to remember when doing a sponsored event is to make the most of every opportunity…and HAVE FUN !

Publicize your cause whenever you can, use all sorts of websites to let people know what you’re doing, keep a journal, and take lots of photographs during the event. All of these things will create a footprint around your event, which will help people remember you – and your fundraising cause – long after the sponsored event is finished. That’s the real key to making the most of your donation opportunities!


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