Vehicle Donations

The SVDP National Vehicle Donation Program best-in-class program proudly returns an average of near 80% of car proceeds to charity. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a proud member of One Car One Difference™, a national public awareness program about the benefits of vehicle donation to communities and the environment.  Created by Insurance Auto Auctions’ Donation Division, the program supports more than 100 participating charities nationwide.

What’s a good donated vehicle?:

Whether your vehicle is a late model sedan, a classic collectable, an unfinished project car or an old clunker gathering dust in the driveway, SVDPUSA in coordination with will turn any vehicle into a valuable donation to bring hope and assistance to those in need. We’re very happy to accept non-running cars too!

Donating your vehicle is quick and easy!

Just three simple steps can help someone in need:

1. Fill out the online donation form  or call toll free (800) 322-8284   (24/7).  It takes just a few minutes
2. We’ll have the vehicle picked up in 24 hours.
3. We’ll fill out all the tax forms and send them to you
Thank you.

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